Why Should You Buy A Dehumidifier: 10 Benefits

by Véronique Raymond

The health benefits of using a dehumidifier are few and far between when you start looking into the potential perks.

A dehumidifier can help reduce the possibility of mold growth in your home. Mold grows best in humid conditions. This means that if your home has a high humidity level, it is likely that there is mold growing inside. This is why buying a dehumidifier is beneficial. It helps keep the air dry and humid levels low, which prevents mold growth.


How does a dehumidifier work?

  • A dehumidifier works on a principle where it draws warm air out by a fan.
  • The warmer the air enters, it contracts and condensation is left in the machine’s refrigerated coils.
  • It collects droplets of water one at a time as they fall from the humid environment where it was placed with this moisture removed to your home through another side of the machine.
  • Your dehumidifier should be able to bring humidity levels down to 30-50%.
  • Many models come with meters that measure where they are in relation to their optimum setting so you can make adjustments accordingly.


Destroy mold, mildew, dust mite living habitats

Microbes are spread through airborne environments in warm and humid conditions. If there isn’t the ideal humidity level, they will be less likely to grow as much as needed. A dehumidifier is designed to hold a satisfactory amount of moisture likely below 55 percent so that mold and mildew won’t have enough opportunity to multiply when it is too dry.


Remove musty mold and damp smell

If your home is experiencing the classic musty mold and mildew smell, a dehumidifier will be able to clear it out eventually. Those unpleasant odors usually come from foul gasses that build up due to leaching and dampness in homes. If you have other common damp smells like leaky faucets or pipes, they can be managed with a dehumidifier too. It’s still recommended that you hire plumbers or repairmen when you encounter this issue, though.


Healthier breathing space

A dehumidifier will lower moisture, so there is no conflict in the breathing quality. A purifier would remove airborne contaminants and complement the work of a dehumidifier. When you add up these two, it can be summarized that high humidity makes it hard to breathe in a while, creating an unpleasant living space for newborns and children with sinusitis as well as adults suffering from allergies or asthma.


Prevent cockroaches and millipedes 

In order to avoid having specific pests in your home spreading diseases, you need to control humidity levels. A dehumidifier is less likely to stop the spread of diseases that occur due to insects and other pests. In fact, it can create a really unpleasant living environment for them-one they wouldn’t want.


Alleviate Allergy Symptoms particularly asthma

Asthma is one of the most common respiratory problems which is triggered by environmental factors, especially high humidity. A dehumidifier will help stop allergens from continuing to develop in a home and lower the risk for allergies like coughs, sinusitis, red eyes, and itchiness. Decreasing fluid also helps with arthritis- particularly as we age!


Protect home objects from dampness

There are many things that can be damaged by too much moisture. Wooden closets, door frames, and cupboards are very susceptible to water vapor as well as personal items like clothes, undergarments, documents, and books; food is also susceptible to high humidity environments such as bread, noodles, or biscuits.


Safeguard your home from water damage

A dehumidifier is a useful home appliance that can help you protect your house structure from high humidity and save you on repair fees. A mold infection in the home is usually due to dampness, so be sure to look for water stains on wall surfaces, ceiling boards, floors, insulation, and hard-to-see places like walls or ceilings. Quick action should be taken immediately; otherwise, there will not be anything much else done about it other than performing full remediation work later moments down the line.


Stop rust from happening

Excessive moisture can cause rust to form on hinges, electronic devices, and uncoated metal. To avoid this and prevent damage in the future, it would be a good idea to dehumidify your home or office.


Helps You Sleep Better At Night

A dehumidifier will play a role in improving your sleep quality. First, it keeps the air dry and cool so you’ll feel more comfortable when sleeping. Second, it stops irritants from growing that can reduce the chance of you suffering from sleep choke. The third benefit is that combined with an air purifier; you’ll feel refreshed and less agitated during the day!


Save on Electricity Bills For Folks with Air Conditioner

Despite being a notorious electronic hogger, the dehumidifier is actually quite efficient. A well-positioned dehumidifier will help to cool off an air-conditioned room more efficiently and save you money on electricity bills!.

 Dehumidifiers help you maintain the ideal humidity level, preventing lots of problems like mold and mildew spots. It also helps with stuffy rooms in homes with poor ventilation. Not only that, but it will ensure a cleaner house because water stains won’t be seen everywhere – the walls are no longer peeling off! For less than 10 dollars, get a moisture meter/humidity meter to see if dampness is causing all your other issues.


Choosing a Dehumidifier

 There are many different options when it comes to dehumidifiers. You might choose a small-capacity model for just one room if you only have a smaller space or an entire house whole-house model if living in very humid areas is your goal. For unique needs and more specific demands, consider purchasing models with special features offered by the manufacturer of your choice – such as those that provide insulation against heat or cold damage; better moisture removal efficiency; quieter operation; and lightweight designs with easier portability.


 Final Verdict

Choosing a dehumidifier is an easy way to help your home be healthier, so if you are suffering from allergies and other symptoms or just want clean air in the home for overall wellness – the answer to this question is yes. Get more information about what models are available and compare prices.



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