by Julien Gandelin

Shop Smarter. Save Time. 100% free advice.


The Good Choice in a nutshell:

Independent advice based on rigorous research

We offer you objective, unbiased, influence-free advice and quality content based on hours of careful research.

100% free content

You don’t need to be a member or pay a subscription to access all of our content.

Your shopping time reduced

We do most of the research for you: our pre-selected products and services give you an overview of the best options on the market.

Your choices simplified

Our product classification allows you to easily find the right product for your needs, budget and interests.

A strict advertising policy

We are committed to a business model and advertising policy that will never interfere with your user experience on The Good Choice.


Our mission: help you shop smarter and save time.

Since 2018, The Good Choice has been offering free detailed tips and guides to make your online shopping easier.

  • We advise you on products adapted to your needs
  • We guide you to the best options on the Canadian market
  • And we simplify your choices by trying to answer all your questions so that you can make more informed purchases.

By doing all this research for you, we hope to save you a little time every day.

And you know, time is precious!

How do we do our research?

  • We identify the topics that are important to you, based on the questions most frequently asked to search engines.
  • We scan all the products available on the Canadian market, we analyze each one of them in detail, we look at their specifications and all the technical information available.
  • We also look at existing product tests, often conducted by consumer organizations or authority sites.
  • We carefully read buyers comments and reviews, we consider the feedbacks given, and we also watch YouTube videos of use of the products in real conditions. Believe us, we learn a lot that way!
  • Finally, from all these hours of research and analysis, we make a selection to offer you the best products on the market according to the different needs of each one.

What are the values that drive us?

  • Impartiality: objective advice, under no influence, without bias, the brands do not pay us!
  • Rigour: quality content, based on hours of meticulous research
  • Simplicity: a pre-selection of products and services that gives you a global view of the best options available on the Canadian market
  • Listening: we consider your feedback, needs, opinions and recommendations daily
  • Accessibility: free content that is accessible to all, both in terms of content and form
  • Caring: a business model and advertising policy that will never harm your user experience

How does The Good Choice get paid?

We earn commissions on the sales of certain products. We also plan to develop partnerships in line with our advertising policy.

If readers choose to purchase the products we recommend as a result of our research, analysis, interviews and comparisons, our work is often (but not always) supported by an affiliate commission from the retailer at the time of purchase.

If readers return their purchases because they are dissatisfied or the recommendation is poor, we receive no commission.

We have no incentive to choose inferior products or to respond to pressure from manufacturers – in fact, just the opposite.

We think it’s a fair enough system that allows us to remain committed to serving our readers first, while remaining objective.

Our ambition? To help you consume better.

We want to empower you to make the best choices for yourself and maximize the potential of your purchases.

How can our content help you consume better?

Detailed guides to help you make informed choices

To answer all your questions before you make an online purchase. We limit mistakes, hesitations, and the return trips of the deliverymen at the same time.

A pre-selection and classification of products for a personalized choice

To make choices adapted to your needs, your interests, your budget: we are all different after all!

Tips to optimize your purchases

To extend their life, to use them well, to maintain them well, how to recycle them. Because better consumption also means knowing how to use what you already have in your hands.


Our story: The Good Choice was born thanks to you!

Julien, the founder of The Good Choice, came up with this project while exploring the questions you ask on search engines.

He understood that there was a real need for guidance when shopping online, just as there is when shopping in a store.

The Good Choice was a very humble project at the beginning.

With few resources and little time, Julien, who already had a full-time job, developed the website and the first contents himself.

The first objective was to confirm your interest in this project: he was not mistaken, the need was there.

And so, little by little, The Good Choice grew, and then took on even more meaning with the pandemic and the rise of online shopping.

Tomorrow, The Good Choice will be even more relevant and useful content to help you store better online and save time every day.

It will be even more local and “green” products. Always for free. To shop even smarter.

To reach these goals, Julien is supported by several passionate people: discover the great team of The Good Choice.


Our challenge : Together, to consume better while limiting our ecological impact

We try to accompany you so that you can limit your ecological impact, while working hard to minimize ours as a company.

How can The Good Choice help you limit your ecological impact?

  • By guiding you to consume better and buy only the product you really need.
  • By offering you detailed and precise advice to help you choose the product that suits you best, thus limiting unnecessary return or exchange trips.
  • By offering you tips and tricks to maximize your daily purchases (use and maintenance) and optimize their lifespan.
  • By guiding you in the resale of your products or their recycling at the end of their life.
  • By giving visibility to local products, allowing you to consume locally. We are working hard to add more Canadian vendors to our recommendations. Look for the “Canadian choice” label.
  • By making it easy for you to identify products and brands that make a significant effort from an environmental point of view (manufacturing, distribution and others). Look for the “Green choice” label.
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What are we doing at The Good Choice, in our company policy, to limit our ecological impact?

  • Everyone at The Good Choice works from home. This avoids unnecessary transportation and any additional energy consumption related to physical offices.
  • Our website server is based in Canada and runs on green energy.
  • We participate in strengthening Canada’s urban forests by partnering with For every 10 subscriptions to our newsletter, we plant 1 tree.


Any questions?

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