What Can I Make With A Bread Maker?

by Véronique Raymond

When you want to make your bread, there’s nothing like the beautiful smell of fresh baked goods in an oven. But with all those tasks on hand for a home baker – from malting and heating dough bowls or pans; kneading until it becomes soft enough then letting rise time comes around again before putting into its final resting place–it can be pretty laborious! That is where this handy kitchen appliance comes into play: The Bread Machine!. So, what can I make with a bread maker?

Bread makers are extremely versatile kitchen appliances that can make breads and muffins. They are easy to use, fast, and easy to clean. Some models even include a warming drawer for keeping baked goods warm. A bread maker can be used to bake gluten-free and vegan loaves of bread, bagels, buns, rolls, pizza dough, cookies, crackers, quick breads, and pancakes.

You’ll discover that there are many delicious and simple bread machine recipes available. From simple white or whole wheat for your sandwiches to the best sourdoughs in existence – you can make anything with this appliance! Even desserts and muffins that are warm from being microwaved are all pleasant ‘n fluffy waiting on the plate when breakfast rolls around again tomorrow morning.

What can I make with a bread maker

What can I make with a bread maker?

There are several different pre-programmed modes for your bread maker, but have you ever wondered what else can be done? When I started looking into it more carefully, some exciting discoveries could change our cooking game. Here are a few things you can make with your bread maker:


The best way to make a cake using your bread maker is “Bake” mode. You will usually know this either just “Cake” or with an additional word like “only” before it, which means you remove all kneading blades and use this appliance simply as an oven for cooking cakes. You can mix up your favorite cake recipe and save it for later use by popping the ingredients into a bread maker. Once you set time on our machine, all that’s left are simple steps like adding baking soda, corn starch, or another agent to ensure proper rise.

Ensure you keep an eye on any highest capacity warning level and baking instructions. It might be recommended that before pouring the cake batter into a particular tin, which can only accommodate so much dough at once – as if cooking for one person on their own.


Live active cultures are a must for this recipe, but if you don’t have access, the natural yogurt will still work. To ensure the bacteria have enough time to be effective, preheat your milk on top of heating it before adding any flavorings like fruit puree to grow into their best condition. Keep your fresh yogurt tasty and sweet with the addition of jam or granola! To ensure consistent results, replace any stale grains in this recipe.

It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for making yogurt. Mix 500ml of pasteurized full-fat milk and a few tablespoons of natural bio live yogurt to kick off the fermentation process, but be sure your bread pan or any containers you use are squeaky clean – as other bacteria might brew!


You can go wild with the options when it comes to baking. Try making a meatloaf! As long as your bread maker has an oven and doesn’t have any other functioning parts that would get in its way (like kneading blades), this should be easy enough for even beginners who don’t know how yet. Just make sure not to over-mixing, or else those extra bubbles will cause problems later on down south when we’re trying our hardest not to break apart these poor fibers into tiny pieces due to their being undercooked.

You can’t go wrong with a meatloaf that has been cooked for 1hr 20mins. The dish turned out fine and is cooked, although the top may be crispier than what you’re used to – something only achievable in an oven or one with good drainage capabilities.


The bread maker can be a great way to make fresh, delicious loaves of your favorite sandwich or rolls without the need for hours upon endless mixer time. Many models come with built-in Jam settings – programs that heat and stir in order ingredients until they become thick enough, so you don’t have lumps! You’ll find plenty more recipes online if needed too.

Thickeners are used in jam making to preserve their desired consistency. Some recipes recommend adding a thickening agent, mainly if your berry or stone fruit recipe requires it. Still, others say not enough data exists on how much is needed for different types of produce, so they don’t recommend adding anything at all.

Soups and Sauces

If you’ve always wanted to make your sauces and soups but thought the process was too time-consuming or complicated, then here’s an excellent way for home cooks on busy schedules. You will combine all ingredients while being heated in the bread machine, which means there is no need to pureeing anything after the cooking session – that task can be done quickly with other dishes anyway.

I added all of the ingredients to my bread pan and set it for an hour on Jam mode. Since this is a pretty long cooking time, I also scheduled another 30 minutes. If anything goes wrong or needs attention sooner than expected, I can quickly jump back into step without missing too much progress.

Rice Pudding

The bread maker is an excellent substitute for your rice cooker, as it can turn into one by using the “Bake” setting and letting the mixture cook until an hour. It also makes super fragrant pudding on ‘Jam’ mode.

The best way to get your food cooked is by using a bread maker’s jam program. This will save time and ensure that the dish tastes superb! Make sure you set aside at least 1hr 30 minutes for pudding or risotto.

Scrambled Eggs

You can make scrambled eggs in a bread machine! Although it may take longer than on the stovetop, you’ll have fluffy egg whites within 15 minutes without so much as lifting your finger. For those who enjoy starting their morning with some protein powder, there are few methods as nutritious (and energizing) than Scrambled egg mixture made Instant Pot style; but if it’s simpler yet still tasty food texture-wise yolk centered dishes.

To make the perfect scrambled egg, start by drizzling oil into your pan before pouring in a bit of milk and set on the “Jam” cycle. You’ll want to wait until after you’ve cooked these babies so that any extra yolk mixture can drip off without dripping onto the plate or getting burnt at the bottom where there is no lid.

Final Words

Bread makers are a great way to make delicious, fresh-baked bread without the hassle of rising time. These recipes will show you just how versatile your appliance can be.


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