What Can A Food Processor Do – A Beginner’s Guide

by Véronique Raymond

A food processor is an easy tool for the kitchen to make it easier to put together a meal. This informative guide will tell you how to use your food processor and give you tips on which one would work best for various functions of this versatile tool in the kitchen.

A food processor is a versatile tool for the kitchen. This informative guide will help you learn how to use one and give you tips on which ones are best for your needs. Useful recipes including delicious dishes using your food processor are included!

“Food processors come in handy”

You can use them for just about anything, and they chop, blend, and purée like a charm! “I’m constantly using my food processor.” It’s great for everything from pineapple sorbet (bringing the tropics home is ah-mah-zing) to pancakes (think plain Greek yogurt, oats & almond milk!) And that’s just a start. The image of freshly made riced cauliflower appears over this text.

What size food processor do I need?

If you’re cooking for a family of four, the 11-cup capacity should be fine. If you often have company or cook big dinners with your family, the 14-cup capability would suffice. It’s totally okay to start off with a mini chopper and decide if this is something that will ultimately benefit your kitchen life! But I can almost guarantee that once you get used to the speed of this device, it’ll replace any other smaller size on your countertop in no time at all as well as others who may come along down there chopping and dicing journey!

What to Look for when buying a food processor?

Learning how to use a food processor is a beautiful thing. It saves time and energy in the kitchen, so it’s always great to have one around! There are many processors with various blade types available for purchase (stainless steel or plastic), so be sure you decide on which function best meets your needs before making any purchases! As I mentioned, my processor bowl is 11 cups in size. The two blades included were stainless steel, 10-inch by 5/8 inch chopping disks that come preinstalled in my machine, and a 7 1/2-inch wide chute for larger items like vegetables. My power was 625 watts with 50 Hz frequency and 115 volts AC input voltage.

Place the parts with the body and base on a dishwasher-safe rack. The top of the machine is where it should be placed to prevent strain from being applied through vibrations or other means. Check for coverage on your processor and see how easy it would be to replace an important part if needed before you buy one, as well as make sure that there are no recalls in place during your warranty period.

What can I make with my food processor?


Making hummus is easy and delicious. I’ve also written a post with 4 recipes that are super tasty. Check out my blog for how to make black bean hummus, sweet potato hummus, avocado hummus, and beet hummus!


Want to make the best homemade burger recipe ever? Sometimes it’s nice to grind and add extra fresh elements of your own. My Queso Dip With Ground Beef is a crowd-pleaser, too.

Acorn Squash

Impress your guests by whipping up Cream of Tomato Soup or Roasted Acorn Squash Soup with ease. Making a soup in a food processor is simple and quick – just cut, put it in the machine, and sit back to wait for delicious results!

Dips and Pestos

Making dips and pestos is easy! If you love Italian, anything topped with basil is divine – especially healthy pesto whipped up in the food processor in less than 5 minutes.

Quinoa Tacos

Need shredded cheese for quinoa tacos or healthy mac and cheese food? The food processor takes care of that task in mere seconds.

Veggie Dishes

Making veggie dishes is a great way to feed your family different vegetables and healthy food. I use the food processor to transform cauliflower into more delicious, healthier items like healthy cauliflower rice. This tasty side goes with just about anything- fish, beef, even pureed veggies!

Nut Butter

Making nut butter is easy and healthy. Making it in the right amounts gives you a choice of either eating it, giving some away or cooking with it!

Chopping and blending vegetables such as carrots or celery can be done easily with a food processor. They make the whole process easy, and they’re not just for our salads! I love making my healthy ice cream recipes, which are made with a food processor. This gives an awesome blend of flavors – y’all know I’m telling you!

Making the dough is easy using your food processor. You can make bread, or you can make chocolate chip peanut butter edible cookie dough bites! They are a healthy snack my family loves!

Mistakes to avoid when learning how to use a food processor


How long do food processor blades last


  • Using the food processor instead of the blender: When I have tasks that include liquids and sauces, I typically turn to the blender. The blender is taller and there is less chance of a spill happening because it will be able to hold more liquid than its smaller counterpart—the food processor.
  • Adding items that aren’t cut up enough: Yes, even if you use a magic machine like a food processor, it’s still important for your ingredients not to be too big as they can’t process them all at once-too much pressure on one piece may cause foam or watery concoctions in some recipes! So make sure everything fits in easily when adding things into this magical appliance!
  • Letting the motor overheat: Many recipes require quite some work from our appliance – but don’t worry about this – we are invincible machines after all! But give yours an occasional break by letting it cool down if needed- you know what happens when those motors get hot…heating grease doesn’t tend to go well with anyone acquainted with kitchen appliances so let’s keep these healthy folks safe here :). 4 . Forgetting any pulse button option on your device (you understand why now): This has never been easier–knowing.
  • We have an overhead view of the machine connected to make food processor snacks. This particular meal plan has a recipe for protein balls, which will now be mixed and formed into individual balls.

Food Processor Safety Tips

You will want to follow safety measures when using a food processor, just as you would with any other appliance. This includes not putting your hands inside the machine while it is on or in the work bowl and sticking to appropriate utensils.

Keep your finger out of the feed tube or work bowl when plugged in, use the pusher for adding ingredients instead of dipping into them yourself – never dip hands into anything! When finished using this device put all parts back together before removing discs or blades from the dishwasher-safe container base (not included).

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