by Julien Gandelin

Who are the people behind

The Good Choice team
Find out who’s behind all those hours of research and hundreds of meticulously written content.


Julien Gandelin


A lifelong technophile, he set up his first website over 20 years ago.
As a web specialist, he wanted to create a business project that would be useful to everyone: it was by exploring the questions you ask on search engines that were not answered properly that he came up with
He understood that there was a real need: to be guided in your online purchases as one can be guided in his in-store purchases.Julien is also :
  • A father of two young children who really lacks time to do everything
  • A person concerned about the impact of his lifestyle and consumption on the environment
  • A Frenchman adopted by Quebec since 2015 (and Canadian citizen since 2021 🥳)


img-4Véronique Raymond
Senior Product Review Journalist


Véronique has been working as a Product Review Journalist at The Good Choice for over 3 years.

She has more than 20 years of experience as a Product Reviewer and Journalist in various Canadian media (Coup de Pouce, Véro, Le Bel Âge, Elle Québec…) allows her to thoroughly test products, whether its appliances, electronics, make-up, toys, etc.

She is extremely detail-oriented, and pays attention to even the smallest of details to provide you the guidance you need for your next purchase.


img-5Raymond Archambault
Product Review Editor


Raymond has 25+ years of gardening experience. He has worked as an expert in greenhouse and garden related products by managing the Garden & Outdoor department of a large store.

He started doing reviews for a major catalog company 17 years ago, and he has published online garden product reviews in various magazines and websites in Canada.

He joined The Good Choice team 3 years ago, and he’s now in charge of all outdoors and garden buying guides and advices.


img-6Monique Labelle
Product Review Editor


Monique is a baby and kids product review editor at The Good Choice.

She has reviewed over 400 different products over the last 3 years. She has over 4 years of experience as a childcare provider.

She specializes in judging baby and kids products in both the consumer and retail markets and reviewing toys, books, clothing, diapers, bedding, and more.

Her passion for everyone and everything around her has led her to a career in product review.

She loves working with kids, and I have found it’s one of the best parts of being a mom.