King vs Cal King – Side by Side

by Véronique Raymond

When it comes to size, what’s bigger, a California King or a King? It’s a question that a lot of people wrestle with when trying to narrow down their options and find the best solution available. There exists a small but significant variation in the total surface area that must be taken into consideration when comparing the two options.

Never fear! We’re here to help you make the best decision possible.

All the factors you need to know about when making a decision of this type are broken down in the comparison chart and breakdown that follows below. So, without any further ado, let’s cease wasting time and have a look.

Cal king


Choosing Between Cal King or King Bed

Dimensions and Measurements

The first thing to think about is the room’s overall proportions. Ideally, you should be able to leave at least 2 feet of room around your mattress on all three sides. This will allow you to easily get in and out of the bed and around it. As a bonus, this makes your bedroom appear more large and pleasant, reducing the impression of overcrowding.

If you don’t leave enough room surrounding your bed for additional furniture, it will be quite difficult to fit anything else in there.  You should also take this into consideration.

Pricing and Associated Costs

Both types of mattresses have varying maintenance expenses, despite the fact that the cost of the mattress itself is generally minimal. For example, California-sized king-sized beds are extremely rare and hard to come by.

As a result, spare parts such as bed frames, box springs, and even comforters and linens may be difficult or even prohibitively expensive to acquire. Because of this, if you’re searching for the most affordable option, go with the conventional king-sized bed.

Uses and Practicality

Remember to leave the two feet from each bedside while you’re deciding, as we’ve already said before!

However, you should also consider another factor. Although the proportions of a Cal King bed aren’t all that different from a standard king bed, some individuals prefer the slightly different and unusual shape. If you’re more than six feet tall, for example, the extra space would be really helpful.

In rooms that are both narrow and long, a California king bed is an excellent option. However, if you have a standard-sized bedroom and value your own space while you sleep, a standard-sized King-sized bed is the preferable option. You and your mate may like the Western king’s smaller dimensions if you want to sleep closer to one another.

Your Height

Both mattresses are somewhat diverse in measurements, as seen in our performance comparison. Keeping this in mind, the Western King is a wonderful option for anyone over 6 feet tall. You’ll be able to enjoy more head-to-toe room thanks to the extended length.

Ultimately, it’s just a question of personal taste. For those who enjoy having their feet dangling off the bed, it may not be worth the extra length. This is acceptable because it’s a question of personal preference. While some people like not being able to stretch their entire body, others despise the fact that some sections are left out. Taking this into consideration is a good idea.

Your Partner

It’s also crucial to mention this. As previously stated, the total width of the mattresses varies significantly, with the California king-size mattress being around 4 inches smaller while also being slightly taller than the traditional king-size.

This being the case, if you and your companion want to sleep close together, this is the logical choice. In our experience, however, we’ve discovered that many people seem to prefer to have their own individual sleeping place during the sweltering summertime. If this is the case, then a normal king is the best option.

Will the Cali King Sheets Fit King Size Beds?

If you don’t get specialized ones, the sheets usually won’t fit either sort of mattress. Flat sheets that size 108 by 102 inches are available for both types of mattresses. When purchasing sheets for your King-sized mattress, keep in mind that they may not fit your Western King-sized mattress. Taking this into account is a good idea.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, the distinction between a California King and a Standard King-sized bed is subtle but distinct.

However, we are confident that with the above explanations, you won’t face any difficulties when making your decision. Consider the most important factors and measurements so that you can go immediately to a mattress shop where you can choose one out that suits your needs. Aside from saving you money, knowing this information is essential when placing an order for goods or services online.

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