Is It Safe To Leave A Dehumidifier On All Day?

by Raymond Archambault

There are two possible extremes when it comes to dealing with moisture. At the bottom of the spectrum, there is a safe level, and at the top of that spectrum, you have an unsafe one. High humidity, in this case, creates an atmosphere that supports many infection-causing organisms, leaving us exposed to getting infected very easily. Dehumidifiers can be usefully helpful on this end because they help maintain healthy levels of humidity.

High humidity is a situation where the air contains a lot of moisture, and it can cause sleeping problems with heatwaves. When high humidity comes along without any sign of rain just yet, this will come as more worry for property owners. Molds are also brought about at higher levels because of excessive water to humidify them through their growth process.

A dehumidifier is a device that pulls out moisture from the air and condenses it in a storage tank or simply channels it outside as water. Most of the time, dehumidifiers have to work for long periods of time – sometimes even days at a stretch-to affect relative humidity levels. 

Many people turn on their dehumidifiers when they leave home for the day. They also leave them on overnight. But experts say there’s nothing wrong with leaving a dehumidifier running all day and night.

It’s not uncommon for dehumidifiers to do their work in the basement, placed by your heating and air conditioning unit. They usually live out of sight or behind a wall until something goes wrong. What kinds of problems can these units have? An actual manufacturer defect is just one example that might go undetected for quite some time before it becomes an issue- too late!



Many people have a dilemma if dehumidifiers have any fire-catching properties. Let us clear this dilemma in this guide

Not all dehumidifiers use electricity, but most of them do. Dehumidifiers use a compressor to condense the moisture in the air, like fridges and washing machines. There is always a risk that it may cause fire when not used properly by customers – this risk is very minimal, however. If everything goes according to plan with proper instructions from the manufacturer, then there should be no chance of its causing a fire ever again.

  • Dehumidifier fires are mainly a result of either manufacturer design flaws or customer misuse. The majority of dehumidifier fire cases have been caused by deficiencies in the electrical wiring and structural malfunctions.
  • This category of issues is often because there are too many tests each unit has to go through before it is deemed safe, and if at all a product model does not pass the test, then the manufacturer must issue a recall. 
  • When you use a dehumidifier because of very low maintenance the probability of fire catching is more. Improper usage includes placing the device for function in enclosed areas too small compared to its size.
  • The enclosed space of a device could hamper the airflow needed to keep it from overheating. If anything is placed on top of the device while it is operating, this could also disrupt airflow and lead to an increased risk of overheating that might cause a fire.

The dehumidifier we have recommended is a fire risk hazard. Although the unit may seem like it’s working, it will continue to overheat and cause damage to itself while continuing not to extract moisture properly, leading you into a cycle of having an inadequately functioning machine.



There’s very minimal risk involved with dehumidifiers. However, you should always take caution and practice precautions when using them. Dehumidifier fires have been reported to occur due to two factors: overexposure of a clogged drain hose or direct contact with an electric wire.

  • User Fire Risk
  • Manufacturer Fire Risk

 Besides being uncomfortable, the indoor air can also cause damage to your home and furnishings. Humid environments promote the growth of mold and dust mites. Purchasing a quality dehumidifier is a great way to solve this problem!



Leaving a dehumidifier on continuously comes with the risk of overheating, which could cause a fire. However, this is most likely to occur when the machine runs under unhealthy maintenance conditions.

If a dehumidifier is constantly running and has no auto defrost feature, there is the risk of overheating, which could cause a fire. However, this is more likely to happen when the device lacks proper maintenance conditions (such as being run under unhealthy light or temperature levels).



If you want to run your dehumidifier overnight, be sure that there are no leaks and the machine is set for continuous operation. If it starts getting too hot in any case, then it will shut off automatically.

With an auto-shutoff and tank overflow, dehumidifiers can run without the fear of a fire or overflowing all across the night. These two features are essential to have when buying one, so consider them carefully.

Keep in mind, though, that you would have to battle the problems of noise from its operation and also a continuous drain system. However, if your tank capacity is not very large and you don’t make use of a continual draining system, then there’s no point in leaving this device on all night, to begin with.



Dehumidifiers are best for helping with high amounts of moisture, but they could also prevent you from falling ill.

For these reasons, they are well deservedly important and also safe to use both when at home and left running unattended. We recommend that for a unit to be used unattended, it must come with the auto defrost and auto-shutoff features.

These two features combine together in order to ensure that the machine continues to work only in a safe condition. The auto defrosts monitor overheating while the automatic shutoff keeps tabs on condensed water levels. It is best not to leave a dehumidifier unattended with these important safety features missing, as severe damage can result from such negligence, and it would cost quite a sum of money depending on how bad it gets.



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