Impact Drivers vs Impact Wrenches

by Raymond Archambault

Despite their similarity, impact drivers and impact wrenches differ greatly.

Choosing one over the other is mostly a matter of personal preference, but making the appropriate choice is made easier if you understand the distinctions between the two.


Impact Driver

Impact drivers, also known as impact drills, are strong hand tools that use an internal impact mechanism to deliver tremendous rotational torque and hammering impacts. Professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike can’t live without it.

The majority of the time, it’s employed for hammering in screws and other fasteners. When the switch is reversed, it can be used to remove screws and other fasteners.

If you need to drill holes in masonry, you’ll need to use a hammer drill instead of a power drill. Even though they are less efficient, cordless drills still perform the same functions as impact drivers.


Impact Wrench

Fasteners and lug nuts needing high rotational power may be driven with ease using an impact wrench, also known as an impact cannon. For example, it may be used to tighten or remove fasteners such as bolts, screws, and other types of hardware.

It does the same thing as an impact driver, but with more force and strength. An impact wrench is the go-to tool when other tools fall short, especially when dealing with frozen or rusty nuts and bolts.

Compressed air or electricity are commonly used to power impact wrenches. Air-powered tools provide greater power, but a constant supply of compressed air is required.

Depending on your needs, you could either choose a corded or cordless electric wrench. Automotive and metalworking industries and assembly lines use impact wrenches.

Impact Drivers vs Impact Wrenches

Differences Between Impact Drivers and Impact Wrenches

There are substantial variations between impact drivers and impact wrenches, despite their appearance. It’s important to note that the two tools are utilized in different contexts.

Many home repair chores, such as carpentry work, need the use of an impact driver. They have become a popular choice for both pro and amateur DIYers because of this.

Impact wrenches are often only used by specialists due to their immense strength. Their ability to swiftly tighten or remove vehicle nuts makes them highly popular in auto repair companies throughout.

It’s important to keep in mind that impact wrenches’ force may not be appropriate for DIY tasks. As an example, if you use them on a poor screw, particularly a short one, you may wind up overtightening the screw.

Overtightening can be prevented by using impact wrenches with internal attachments, although they are more costly and less prevalent.

The following is an illustration of the advantages of using an impact wrench over an impact driver in most situations. A torque of 2,000 inch-pounds or more is considered desirable for an impact driver.

The torque you could anticipate from an impact wrench is roughly, 1250 foot-pounds, or 15,000 inch-pounds. This has a 7-fold increase in power.


Who Should Get Each Kind of Tool?

Professionals and amateurs alike can benefit from an impact driver. It can be used for a broad variety of tasks, therefore it’s a good investment.

An impact wrench, on the other hand, is a need if you want to work on machinery, cars, or building projects of any kind.


Getting the Best Impact Driver

There’s no limit to what you can do when you’ve got the right impact driver on hand.

It is essential that you choose wisely, since it will provide you with greater torque than an ordinary drill.


Cordless or corded?

Cordless or corded? It depends on what you desire from the product. There will be no worries about being confined with a cordless machine because you can easily move about.

Fasteners of any kind can be driven into both hard and soft materials using this tool. However, if used in rapid succession to drive heavy fasteners, it can get quite hot.

Fasteners that are particularly difficult to drive or remove can be easily handled by corded variants, which are common in garages and workshops. An enhanced reduction system extends the life of the machine and keeps it cool to the touch during operation. However, they might slow you down since they are generally hefty.


Which Type Should You Choose?

Consider a corded model if you need an inexpensive choice for swiftly driving heavy bolts.

You should be aware, however, that it is heavy and restricts your mobility. In terms of price, cordless devices cost more, but they’re easier to use because they’re lighter.

Impact Drivers vs Impact Wrenches


Things to Bear in Mind

For an impact driver, you need to put your ear to the ground before making a buying decision. A brushed or brushless motor will have to be chosen.

Brushless motors are more efficient yet more costly than brushed motors. Because brushless motors produce less noise and heat, they are easier to operate and more efficient.

You should also think about the machine’s torque while making your purchase. If you’re going to buy a cordless device, you’ll need to know how long it can operate on a single charge. An ergonomic handle is an important component of a well-designed device that makes using it a pleasure.



Because of their similarities, the choice between an impact wrench and an impact driver continues to be quite important.

However, now that the distinctions between the two tools have been outlined, it should be much easier for you to select the one that best suits your needs.


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