How To Use A Hair Dryer Properly?

by Véronique Raymond

Good hair not only boosts the confidence of a person but is also considered as one of the great assets of human personality. A person with bad-looking hair always has low self-esteem regardless of his or her achievements.

You feel beautiful, confident, and ready to take on the world with good hair and it is only possible with a good hair dryer. If you love doing your own hair but want that salon price tag or if you just don’t have time to go the shop then knowing how to use a hairdryer at home will make all the difference – that too without going back and forth between multiple stores! But almost every dryer in the market offers similar features so it gets difficult for people who are looking for one, especially when shopping online for their new favorite tool.

A hair dryer helps to set a hairstyle perfect for a better experience! The concentrator accessory brace also comes with it so you’re sure no heat is lost when you are styling or drying.

Use a hair dryer in the following way: 1. Hold the dryer at least 3 inches away from your head. 2. Wrap the cord around your wrist instead of around your fingers. 3. Place the dryer on a flat, level surface with the exhaust vent pointed in a downward direction. 4. Turn the dryer on high. 5. Leave the dryer on for two to three minutes at a time. 6. Switch off the dryer. 7. Repeat steps 1 through 6 until the desired amount of heat has been applied.

What Are Some Hairdryer’s Usage?

Your hairdryer can be used to make adhesives and nail polish less painful to remove. You blow it for a few seconds on the adhesive bandage or plaster, or on newly painted nails, before using it in order for the adhesive gel/polish to warm up faster. A cool curler helps create extra full and curly lashes! When painting your nails with a new color of polish (be careful so you don’t end up burning yourself), use hot air while drying them off. Make sure you dry your hair differently after each hairdo so that they all stay healthy.

How to Use a Hairdryer?

If you’re new to hairstyling and want to know how to use a hairdryer, here’s your step-by-step guide: 

  • Plug it in!
  • Put on a dryer guard (unless the model comes with one) for added safety when using heat tools around your fragile head of hair.
  • Make sure the area where you’ll be pressing is cool enough by turning off any hot surfaces or appliances nearby that could startle.

Wash Your Hair

You may think that the “perfect blow-dry routine” doesn’t involve washing your hair, but in reality it does. After using a hairdryer, washed hair is easier to style and looks fantastic! To wash your hair you can use any standard shampoo – even one made for moisturizing. We recommend using a moisturizing shampoo because it adds moisture back into the ends of dry or damaged locks so you will get good results when styling with a hairdryer as well!

Let Your Hair Dry Naturally

When hair is wet, it’s more prone to damage. Keep this in mind when dealing with your locks while they’re getting dried out with a towel or washing them by hand. Instead of running straight for the dryer, use a towel on your head and let it absorb the excess water tenderly before you start using one to air-dry them (or if you have short hair – wrap that baby up).

Dry off your damp weave gently and then allow those curls/waves to dry completely before styling away! Apply heat protectant products first as well so all you need is some heat from the blow drier!

Divide Your Hair into Small Sections

Separate your hair into sections according to its size and thickness. This will help speed up the drying process, which can be done by working on one side of the head before switching over to the other. To do this, use clips or a comb so that you don’t cause any damage while separating your strands.

Start with The Lowest Section

Many of us use a hairdryer incorrectly. We just set it to the maximum temperature and run it through our hair with a round brush, because we don’t know how to dry our hair properly. This leaves your scalp exposed to high heat and exposes your hair follicles without styling them at all! Gently dry your head using light hand movements close to the base of the neck and go over in small parts working from that point upwards towards the roots. If you do not want clips, you can use one or two fingers on each hand as needed for separation purposes.

To lock in the shine and make your hair look like they’ve been styled, cool them down with cold air. Then you can add an anti-frizz serum or a blow dryer to finish it off.

Where can I find the Best Hair Dryer?

You will get diverse types of hairdryers at the Vega store. You can style your hair effortlessly in one go using the Vega Blooming Air thousand-watt Hairdryer, which you will get a decent range of heat and cold function with a setting feature that helps a person make diverse styles and do various experiments with their hair.

For people who want quick drying with some heat, Vega Style-Up Hair Dryer has three-speed settings as well as two temperature options: low or high heat for perfect gentle drying, depending on wetness or thickness in your hair! The first option is something called “low” where one could use this setting if they are trying to avoid burning their scalp too much while still giving their ends enough moisture without having them feel like straws by the end of it; an important point is given that we don’t want frizzy damage from overuse either.

Final Verdict: How To Use A Hair Dryer Properly?

Nearly all of us are fighting frizz. But even when you’re using a hairdryer, nothing seems to work on those scorching hot summer days. Follow these measures right and know how to use a hairdryer at home so that you can see impressive results every time!

If you need more power though – say if your hairs are damp and thick but not soaking up any water – opt for higher heat settings such as medium until it’s dried out sufficiently then move down again if necessary.



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