How to Style Curtain Bangs with a Flat Iron

by Véronique Raymond

You can’t deny that the French 60’s hair trend in the form of curtain bangs is a fashion trend and with good reason. Their versatility is unmatched. Curtain bangs are universally appealing as they can show up as true bangs or become inconspicuous as another layer of your cut. Additionally, they are low maintenance compared to other bangs.

You can style your bangs in a multitude of ways. While some entail relying on Velcro rollers, others call for solid effort using a hairdryer or hairbrush. One of the simplest ways to maintain curtain bangs is using a flat iron.

By doing so, you’ll end up with the best-curved bangs. Whether you have straight hair or curly hair, this tutorial walks you through everything you need to know on how to style curtain bangs with a flat iron. Read on!

How to Style Curtain Bangs with a Flat Iron

Granted, styling curtain bangs with a flat iron may seem scary at first. However, it’s a walk in the park once you get the hang of it. It’s a wise move to use a heat protector beforehand. Assuming you’ve washed and dried your hair before, apply a few spray pumps or drops of the thermal protector on the bangs.

If you have thin hair, use foam or texturizing spray with a hold. Keep in mind that daily styling of curtain bangs calls for bond repair as well.  Therefore, don’t be a scrooge with oil serums if you have dry hair. With that said, let’s discuss a few easy and fun ways to style curtain bangs with a flat iron.

Double-C Curtain Bangs

It’s an easy and effective method of styling curtain bangs, even though it doesn’t seem so at first. To get started:

  • Divide your hair in the middle
  • Separate each half into two smaller sections
  • Take the top part on the right side and use the heat emanating from your flat iron to generate a small C-curve to the middle of your forehead
  • Repeat the styling process with the bottom part on the right side to create a big C-curve facing the same direction
  • Do the same for the other side
  • Take the inwardly curved sections and pull the ends outwards
  • Add clips for additional support during the day and when you’re wearing makeup.

Now you’re done with this unexpected method on how to style curtain bangs with a flat iron. As a tip, pull your hair to notice the effects of this technique. Curtain bangs look amazing when you pull your hair away from your face and tuck it behind your ears.

Use Heat Styling to Increase the Volume of Curtain Bangs

The same flat iron you used to pull your bangs to the sides is also useful in heat styling to boost the volume. To get started:

  • Bring the two-sided bangs into a middle section and use the heat to generate a shaggy wave that faces inwards
  • The styling delivers additional forehead coverage while giving you a Farah Fawcett look.

As a tip, let your hair cool after heat application before you style it.

Zigzag Bangs 

You can repeat the same process to get breakdown zigzag bangs, perfect when your curtain bangs are longer at middle cheek length. If you have long hair, consider substituting the flat iron with a curling iron. It’s worth keeping in mind that you’ll end up with more waves than bangs. Nevertheless, that only elevates the bouncy glam, particularly if you use a flat iron on the rest of your hair.

Side-Swept Shebang

Middle-parted curtain bangs are slightly overused. You’ll find them everywhere, from Instagram to Pinterest. Furthermore, they might not be suitable for your face shape. For example, if you gravitate towards style wispy bangs, a middle part might not always be flattering. A wealth of people doesn’t believe curtain bangs are synonymous with side-swept bangs. However, side-swept bangs evoke a fresh, youthful look. To get started:

  • Examine your profile to highlight the better side
  • Work with the texture of your hair rather than against it
  • Partition your hair into smaller parts to make it a breeze to style
  • Hold each partition diagonally from your forehead
  • Wait for up to 5 minutes, use your hands to set the bangs, and grab a styling spray to hold them in place.  

Regardless of the types of bangs, dry shampoo should always be your friend. Besides keeping your hind hair healthy and strong, fewer rinses are a time-saver.

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Do You Need To Blow-Dry Your Hair Before Using A Flat Iron?

When it comes to a thick or wavy hair type that wiggles underneath the flat iron or straightener, you can begin by blow-drying the curtain bangs. Use these hacks to get started:

  • Use a round ceramic brush to wrap the bangs
  • Pull them forward and upwards at a 45-degree angle
  • Move from the roots to the ends repeatedly while ensuring you pull straight
  • Use your blow dryer to get rid of moisture from your hair
  • Let the hair cool
  • Flip both ends over to the outside.

It’s worth noting that the technique can be a lifesaver if you don’t rely on heat styling daily. However, that’s not the case if you have short hair or bangs or if you require a stronghold.

Can You Style Curtain Bangs Without Heat?

Yes! You can style bangs for a natural look without heat. To do so, you can let your natural hair texture take over. That means twisting damp bangs away from your face for the final result to frame it. Next, clip them in place until they dry. That should restore order after the chaos that stems from an air-dried fringe.

Using Rollers to Style Curtain Bangs

If Velcro rollers are right up your alley, here’s what to do to get started.

  • Divide the hair that belongs to your bangs
  • Spritz heat protector and brush through to smooth the hair and distribute the product uniformly
  • Remove your Velcro roller and put it under your hair before sliding it to the end
  • Tuck the ends in and roll down
  • Use your dryer to heat your hair
  • Wait for up to 30 minutes for it cool completely before you remove the roller mist with a light-hold hair spray
  • You have free rein to slightly comb the roots backward
  • Divide and brush each side of your bang for it to gel well with the rest of your hair.

Can You Hairstyle Curtain Bangs Without Cutting Your Hair?

Yes! To get started:

  • Partition your hair triangularly at the front
  • Use a round brush to dry the forward pieces
  • Divide the section in a way that it’s defined
  • Curl the hair away from your face, ensuring you reach the roots
  • Set the bangs using hairspray or dry shampoo 
  • Pinch and finesse the roots.


While you might require extra time to style curtain bangs, the perks far outweigh the slight inconvenience and you don’t have to go to a hairstylist. Besides hiding wrinkles, face imperfections, and asymmetry, curtain bangs also easily rectify haircut mistakes. The ideal cut will create the illusion of more defined cheekbones. Now that you know how to style curtain bangs with a flat iron, you can be adventurous with styling variations.

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