How To Clean A Milk Frother?

by Véronique Raymond

The problem with burnt-on milk is that it can be tough to clean off your frother.

And, I mean – we all know how much people hate cleaning their kitchen appliances!

Many of us enjoy our morning coffee from time to time, but some would rather not have the hassle or difficulty in getting rid of leftover dairy residue on these frothers. So, How to clean milk frother?

When it comes to frothing the milk, not every steamer is created equally.

For example: while some can suffer from burnt on dairy due to a design flaw in their non-stick lining and others are fine after just one use but might benefit from being cleaned with an approved cleaning agent for additional grip when removing dried up proteins or bits of food stuck between teeth/whisk head if necessary.

The froth on your cappuccino is a beautiful thing, but not if it’s dirty. A buildup of bacteria and nasty odors will ruin the taste for you as well! Gross right?

In this article, I will share the process of cleaning your milk frother. Let’s start.


How to clean your milk frother

Cleaning your milk frother is easy. Here are some ways to clean your frother depending on what kind of machine it is.

You should clean the milk frother after each use with warm water and a sponge or soft bristle brush. Then use a dry paper towel to wipe down the machine. You can also use soap and hot water to clean the milk frother if you prefer.

Cleaning Tips For Electric Milk Frother

  1. Please turn it off and remove any removable parts. Wash off all the removable parts with warm soap water and rinse thoroughly. You can also handwash it if necessary but make sure you don’t put anything else in there besides just mild dish detergent!
  2. You can clean the internal parts of the milk jugs by using a cloth with mild detergent. The coating on these appliances is made out of silicone, which makes the process relatively easy – make sure you don’t scrub too hard at any limescale deposits that might accumulate in this area!
  3. When cleaning the outer part, use a mushy damp cloth to prevent scratches. You shouldn’t scratch burned foam with knives or metal spoons since it may damage the stainless steel surface of milk frothers. This could also become rusty over time if applied chemical cleaners like bleach. Avoid using these substances that may discolor this important measuring cup in your kitchen!
  4. Another way to clean your frothing milk disk is in a good dishwasher. Put the jug, steaming wand, and lid into one side together with some cleaning detergent before starting it up for some running water that will get rid of stubborn stains.
  5. We all know the dishwasher is an excellent invention for getting rid of dirt and allergens, but if you have expensive equipment that needs special care or prefer not to taint your machine with germs, then we recommend hand-cleaning.
  6. After you’ve cleaned it, wipe the milk frother with a dry piece of cloth or if your dishwasher has an auto drying cycle, leave that for last so as not to risk damage.

How to clean milk frother

Cleaning Tips For Handheld Milk Frother

  1. To wash your milk frother, turn off or unplug it and let it cool. Dip the end of its wand into a glass full of hot soapy water to clean any built-up residue from earlier drinks on coils before wiping it down with a brush/soft cloth.
  2. You can clean your wand is by dipping it in warm water with citric acid or lemon juice. You can also submerge the frother of glass and turn on its spin cycle for just long enough so that all parts are fully immersed, then remove any excess fluid before storing away again.
  3. To dry the whisk, put it on for a few seconds. If you notice dirty spots on your handle after cleaning and there’s no sign of moisture anywhere near these areas, then wipe them off with a damp cloth or tissue.
  4. After use, wash your milk frother immediately. You can wipe off any excess residue with a damp cloth or sponge and then store it away for future benefits.


Cleaning Tips For Manual Milk Frother

  1. A dishwasher is an excellent option for cleaning the manual milk frother. Put on rubber gloves and remove any clog with mesh screens before washing it all out thoroughly. Don’t forget about those tricky areas like behind spouts! Once everything looks clean again (and without damage), rinse off what you’ve done. This will help prevent future stains from occurring.
  2. Citric or lemon juice is a great way to eliminate any deposits that you may come across! Let the liquid content stay in your fridge for a while, and then wipe it down with some paper towels before storing.


How can you keep burnt milk residues from forming?

It would help if you always cleaned your milk frother after use, as it can become dirty quickly. If you follow these simple steps, the inside will stay looking fresh for longer than you didn’t remember: first, make sure everything’s pristine by wiping it down with soap and water (or another cleaning solution) before storing away. Secondly, don’t leave any dirt around since this only gets stuck deeper into its internals over time.

Rinsing the jug immediately after use will prevent you from packing due to residue. Even if there’s no hurry, it is wise to cool coffee before washing and drying thoroughly with soap later on.

Modern milk frothers have an anti-stick coating that prevents caking. Some also come equipped with an intelligent stop system, which switches off the device when it’s ready for use and produces perfect foamy goodness. This is a great safety feature that prevents the appliance from overheating and milk caking. If your machine does not have this function, be sure to keep an eye on it because you might overheat or create too much pressure in some cases, which can lead directly towards caked-on foam on top of what already exists.

Final Words

When you use your frother again, make sure it’s clean and dry before starting. If there are still residues from previous uses that have penetrated deeper into the device, then milk foam will be less firm than usual when using again- so keep those dishes handy!

The best way to ensure that your milk frother stays clean and lasts for years is by following these tips. Be practical, avoid caking residue in the future – it’s much better than wondering how you’re going to get rid of all those pesky spilled flavors. Follow these tips to avoid any damage and enjoy a year’s worth of cleanliness!


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