How Long Do Hair Dryers Last?

by Véronique Raymond

If you’re looking for ways to keep your hair healthy, blasting it with hot air from a blow dryer is not the best option. If there’s one thing we know about our hair: It needs quality care! Without good conditioning and styling, our hair can be frizzy & dull. To maintain beautiful locks that stay on top of their condition, massaging in some products such as Moroccan oil will do the trick!

When you are getting ready to do your hair, it is important that the quality of the process you use on your hair is good. This can very easily be achieved by making sure that all of your devices (i.e., hot curlers or straighteners) are working properly and they provide a powerful and even airflow into the air around them

When your hairdryer is old and no longer providing you with the best results, it should be replaced. To find out what signs tell us that we need to replace our hairdryer,  and how long do hair dryers last check these answers:

– If it has a risk of overheating or exploding 

– If the cord gets tangled more often than before 

– When there are cracks on any part of the appliance.

According to Consumer Reports’ test results, typical hair dryers last 3-5 years before needing repair.

How Long Hair Dryers Last?

There is no particular answer to how long do hair dryers last. The lifespan of hair dryers is not fixed. If you use one every day, it will last for a certain amount of time before needing to be replaced. Averagely, they can last up to 1000 hours – but if you wash your hair and use 20 minutes daily on this average, then the new dryer should retire after 5 years later.

Although a hairdryer does not last too long, it is important to exercise caution when throwing away your old one after several years. A hairdryer has an average lifespan of about five or six years and some are longer than others. Dyson Supersonic claims that its blow-dryers can be used for up to ten years with proper care and routine maintenance as well as the type of motor technology on each individual model.

If your dryer is still working perfectly, you don’t need to buy a new one just because it’s old. But watch out for signs that the dryer might be outdated and replaceable. In Part 2 of this article, I’ll tell you what those signs are and how long do hair dryers last!


Conditions When You Can Consider Replacing Your Hair Dryer

Here are the following scenarios when you can consider replacing your hair Dryer and how long do hair dryers last depending on these conditions.

When Your Hair Dryer Makes Too Much Noise

Sometimes a noisy hairdryer is caused by a blocked filter, or if the dryer inside is blocked by lint build-up, then you will also hear high-pitch noise too. Luckily, these problems can be fixed by washing your hair with regular soap and water; they are easy to fix! If the noise isn’t worsened after cleaning your new hairdryer out with soap and water though, I suggest replacing it rather than continuing to use it all of the time.

When Hair Dryer Has Poor Air Quality

You might want to consider buying a new hairdryer if your current one takes longer than usual or the airflow isn’t as powerful.

If your hairdryer has stopped drying, there could be a problem with the motor. As it ages, motors lose their ability to provide sufficient amounts of power for an effective blow-dry. There is nothing that can be done about this since once a motor stops working, the mission has been completed!

When Your Hair Dryer Overheat Easily

A hairdryer usually has an auto shut-off function that will be activated when the unit is too hot. If your hairdryer begins to act strange, such as becoming very hot or heating up quickly, you should stop using it immediately! An overheated hairdryer can cause a fire hazard and trip circuit breakers. A new one may be required in this situation. The below maintenance steps will assure how long do hair dryers last?


How to Maintain Dryer To Increase Its Lifespan?

Here’s how you can maintain your hairdryer so it lasts for long. Also, here you will find the answer to your question – how long do hair dryers last.

Clean Your Hair Dryer Periodically

A dirty hairdryer can cause a variety of complaints, such as dirt and clumps in your hair. The most important issue is the blocked vent if you don’t clean it on a regular basis! This will make for uneven airflow which can be bad for your hairdryer’s life span. Make sure to do monthly inspections on the filter status so that everything is running smoothly and efficiently, every time you use it!

Organize Your Hair Dryer Correctly

For your hairdryer to stay away from humid places, you should avoid placing it in the bathroom. The moist can go into the motor and cause damage to the heating components inside. Many people love blow-drying their hair–but this is not a good idea if they do so using a hairdryer that doesn’t have built safety features like temperature settings or cool/heat options that are within reach while they’re styling with it!

Don’t Twist the Power Cord Crazily

One of the tips you should remember when using your hairdryer is not to wrap it tightly around the power cord. This will ruin its connection and make it hard for you to use later on, as well as cause a safety hazard. To fix this problem, find a nice place in your house or try making one yourself.

Final Verdict: How Long Do Hair Dryers Last?

I hope now it’s clear to you how long do hair dryers last? The average service life of Hair Dryers is generally about 7 to 10 years. If you protect the Hair Dryer well, it can often go beyond that time frame. Dyson, Philips, and T3 are known for being high-quality hairdryers with a longer lifespan than most other models on the market; as long as you don’t let them touch water or use them normally, they will typically last more than 10 years!



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