Can Baby Monitors Be Hacked?

by Monique Labelle

With today’s parents having access to more tech-based tools that help them care for their children, the risk of hacking and security vulnerabilities goes up.

Cybercriminals will always find an opportunity to get your data, whether it’s on baby monitors or any other connected device; this includes phones as well!

When parents discover that their baby monitor has been hacked, it can be a terrifying experience.

Strangers controlling the webcam and talking trashy language at night with babies in tow is just one example of how vulnerable this technology makes us as parents! So, how baby monitors are hacked?

The thought that your child might not be safe in their room is alarming. And rightfully so, but if you have a baby monitor connected to WiFi, the reality becomes even more concerning as it can easily get hacked!

How baby monitors are hacked

Almost every baby monitor is hackable. However, the sort of monitor you have will have a massive impact on how difficult or simple it is for a hacker to breach your security – some are more susceptible than others!

Hacking into a baby monitor is not easy. While the transmission path for digital radio transmitters is usually short to medium, they’re also encrypted, so the hacker would need access either to physical reach or knowledge of which code could get around that security measure! We recommend some good brands for you in our ranking of best monitors if this doesn’t bother your sensitive information. With the recent rise in the popularity of radio monitors, it is almost impossible to hack.

WiFi monitoring is a great way to ensure your home network and your device remains safe from outside interference. WiFi monitors are a vulnerable target because they connect to your home network, which in turn might be connected to the internet. Anyone anywhere can hack these devices!

IoT monitors that project a video feed to your smartphone might be insecure. These Internet of Things (IoT) devices provide easy access for more breaches, and they are significant worries because most people don’t realize what’s happening until it’s too late! You don’t want your child’s bedroom invaded by an internet-connected baby monitor! These devices can be hacked anywhere on earth.

WiFi baby monitors are a great way to keep an eye on your little one when you’re away from home. You can use them over the internet or on private networks like hotspots.

Hacking a baby monitor is not easy, but you can do it. First, your hacker would need access to the WiFi router to get onto all devices connected with that particular one. Once they have compromised this portion of their system, you’re vulnerable because any other equipment hooked up via Ethernet or USB will also become accessible.

How baby monitors are hacked

All-new model routers use NAT. Network Address Translation or NAT for short, helps to keep your personal information safe by blocking unwanted visitors from accessing it. This means you should be pretty safe as long as your default option hasn’t been changed and there are no ports forwarding or demilitarized zones set up on it. Still, we always recommend getting official advice from someone knowledgeable before making changes like these for peace of mind!

We also suggest that you change the router’s admin password if it was previously changed from the default setting. WiFi networks are easy pickings for hackers, so be careful who has access. Make sure you protect your router with a strong password.

Connecting your device with an internet service might not seem like the most secure option, but at least this way, data won’t get hacked when accessed through WiFi networks.

Even if you’re not at home, some webcams give you access to audio and video feeds. They broadcast the video over the internet to do so. This allows hackers to crack your password or compromise the manufacturer’s website. This is the least secure method of securing a baby monitor. We do not recommend it. Now you know how baby monitors are hacked, so what measure you can take to prevent it.

How To Protect Baby Monitor From Hackers

There are a few easy procedures you can do to secure your home network and baby monitor from hackers.

Securing Wireless Router

This is a great security measure no matter what type of baby monitor you have. Be sure to keep your router’s firmware updated, disable remote access if it’s been changed from its default setting, and create a solid WiFi password for maximum protection against hackers! Don’t leave any open networks—keep them all protected with passwords so that nobody can get inside, even on occasions when they seem safely disconnected from everything else around them.

Create a Strong Password

When securing your baby monitor, the first line of defense is making sure that you change default login details and create a strong password.

Do not skip firmware updates

If you want to stay on top of security updates for your baby monitor, the camera must be firmware-updated. The steps vary depending upon which manufacturer and model(s) they are made by, but there will generally be some instructions within each package or manual about how best to update them yourself without voiding the warranty!

To get the most out of your monitor, it’s best to disable DDNS on any camera and UPnP if applicable. This will depend entirely upon what type or model you have purchased but can easily be adjusted in their settings for each product individually!

Register Your Monitor When You Purchase

The product manufacturer always releases new security updates to keep your information safe. They may issue a recall or send software fixes if vulnerabilities are discovered after the item was released, but you won’t know about this unless you register with them and stay up-to-date on their contact lists!

Disable Remote Access

Many parents use the internet to monitor their baby’s sleeping patterns remotely. This is a convenient feature that lets you stream video of your child while away from home or in another room without having them wake up at all hours! While this may seem like an ideal solution for some people who can’t always be there when they need access-it’s not recommended if security matters are important because hackers could easily take over any device connected online with just one clever application.

When you connect your baby monitor to the internet, many of the usual obstacles a hacker would have to overcome to break into it are removed. Unless you turn off remote access, all that stands between a hacker and access to the monitor is the remote access password you established. To be as secure as possible, it’s best just to disable it.

WiFi-enabled baby monitors are no different from any other device that connects to your WiFi network. They won’t open the door for new vulnerabilities and aren’t inherently more easily hacked, but make sure you secure it well on all levels – limiting broadcasting video feed outside of its own private networks will go a long way in keeping yourself safe!


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