Does Eyelash Growth Serum Work On Hair?

by Véronique Raymond

Does eyelash growth serum work on hair? No. Eyelash growth serum contains a mixture of different types of products, including protein extracts, protein hydrolysates, vitamins, peptides, and other ingredients. Eyelash growth serum works by stimulating eyelashes to grow longer and fuller. There is no way for it to work on hair.

If you think about it, both hair types are similar, so technically, they should both benefit from the same product. Right? But there’s a little more to it.

Some studies have been done on the matter, and the results are inconclusive. Some people say that it does not work, while others claim to see results. More research is needed to provide a definitive answer. In the meantime, it may be worth trying out if you are interested in seeing if it works for you.

What is eyelash growth serum?

Eyelash growth serums have become increasingly popular amongst women struggling to grow thicker, longer lashes without the use of makeup. Applied directly to the eyelids once or twice daily, many of these products contain ingredients that encourage lash growth and improve overall lash health. Since it is used so frequently, eyelash growth serum may be the ideal option for those struggling to grow hair on their scalp.

However, it is essential that consumers select an eyelash growth serum made with natural ingredients and has been clinically proven effective at promoting lash growth without side effects or irritation.

Because lash growth serums are designed for use on the lashes, they are formulated to ensure that they pose no risk of staining the skin or discoloring contact lenses.

Does eyelash growth serum work on hair?

Some experts believe that eyelash growth serums may help promote hair growth in some scalp regions, as both hair and lashes are part of the same growth cycle. To achieve the best results, it is crucial to select an eyelash growth serum designed for use on the scalp, as these products usually contain more potent ingredients than those formulated for use on lashes alone.

However, an eyelash growth serum might be a more practical option for those who have difficulty growing hair on the top of their head. When applied daily, these serums may help stimulate the follicles of your hair. This can help to promote healthy growth and may also lengthen thin or short hair that is otherwise difficult to grow.

While the results of lash growth serums are not guaranteed, some consumers have reportedly experienced excellent benefits in a short period. Lash growth serums containing vitamins and amino acids may help reduce breakage and split-ends while encouraging eyelashes and eyebrows to grow thicker and longer with regular use. Some experts believe that these ingredients may also promote scalp health and hair growth.

For consumers whose primary goal is to grow thicker hair on the scalp, lash growth serums may not be the most effective option for promoting healthy hair growth. Those struggling to grow hair may want to consider an all-natural scalp serum explicitly designed for use on the top of the head.

Are there any side effects to using eyelash growth serum on hair?

There are no reported side effects to using eyelash growth serum on hair. Some people report positive results, while others say that it does not have any effect. However, some have reported adverse side effects from using this product on their hair and their eyebrows – mainly itchiness and redness around the area where it was applied. This is why it is always essential to consult with a doctor before starting any new medication or treatment to determine whether it is safe for you to use.

Tips for maintaining healthy Hair

Here are  some tips for maintaining healthy hair:

  1. Eat a balanced diet rich in protein and essential nutrients such as zinc and biotin.
  2. Wash your hair every day but do not apply harsh shampoos or chemicals, which can strip the hair of its natural oils.
  3. Keep hair well moisturized with oil treatments and avoid heat styling since this can break down the hair.
  4. Ensure you get enough sleep and avoid stressful situations that negatively affect your hair.
  5. Brush your hair regularly to distribute the natural oils evenly throughout your hair.
  6. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair gently before shampooing.
  7. Avoid using excessive heat on your hair. Try using a blow dryer on the lowest setting, or let your hair air dry.
  8. Use a conditioner after shampooing to detangle and add moisture to your hair.
  9. Avoid rubbing your hair with a towel after showering. Instead, squeeze the water out of your hair before blotting it with a towel.

Tips for healthy eyelashes

To get thick, beautiful eyelashes, you need to give your lashes what they need to grow. Biotin is a vitamin that encourages healthy hair growth on all parts of the body, including lashes and brows. You can find biotin in many foods, including eggs, carrots, soybeans, avocados, and nuts.

Regular trimming is also needed to keep your lashes healthy, strong, and shiny. You can use a lash comb or an eyelash brush for this process. Remember not to tug too hard when brushing out your lashes, as it will actually end up weakening them.

Eyelash serum is a great way to have longer, fuller lashes. Even women have used it as a hair growth serum for eyebrows. The active ingredients in serums consist of natural substances that stimulate lash growth and make them stronger, so they don’t easily break or fall out.


Does this mean that you can simply use eyelash growth serum to grow your hair long and firm without any other treatment or care for the rest of your body? No!

That’s not how things work at all. If you want to have healthy hair, then you’ll need to take proper care of it through eating a balanced diet, drinking water every day, taking vitamins/supplements as needed, getting plenty of exercise by walking outside or going to the gym 3-4 times per week depending on what works best with your schedule.

You will also need shampoo/conditioner – if necessary – quality brushes and combs that have been proven to help grow hair longer.


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