Can Milk Frothers Beat Eggs?

by Véronique Raymond
milk frother review

If you’ve tried to make scrambled eggs 18 different ways and still can’t replicate the delightfully fluffy eggs from your childhood, the secret might be a coffee tool.

Keep reading to find out exactly how your milk frother can help you make perfect eggs.


Can A Milk Frother Beat Eggs?

While milk frothers are most commonly used for, you guessed it, frothing milk, they are actually very versatile products.

Not every type of milk frother can be used for every purpose, but they are a very handy kitchen tool to have around.

When you beat eggs manually, you naturally use a circular motion at a high speed to properly mix the egg whites and yolk.

Sometimes, it can take several minutes to achieve the right consistency, but there is a better way.

An electric milk frother moves in that same circular pattern with high RPMs to beat your eggs perfectly in a fraction of the time.

Handheld milk frothers are best for this application, since they offer excellent mobility and are easy to use and clean.

Plus, they are equally effective when beating one egg or a dozen.


Why Choose A Milk Frother For Beating Eggs

milk frother review

Traditionally, a milk frother is used to froth milk for drinks lie cappuccinos, lattes (including matcha lattes), and more.

Using a milk frother on a breakfast food might seem counterintuitive, but some could argue that it works better on eggs than it does on milk.

Here are all the benefits to using a milk frother during your breakfast prep.


Unlike a handheld beater or an electric whisk on a stand, a handheld milk frother is free to move in any pattern (circles, up and down, side to side) when mixing your eggs together. It is also incredibly lightweight and doesn’t put much strain on your hand or wrist.


Milk frothers operate at high speeds in order to create a froth for various coffee drinks. This efficiency also translates to your omelette prep. Since eggs require quite a lot of agitation to reach that perfect fluffy texture—something that’s hard to do manually—the speed and concentrated motion makes the task a lot easier to accomplish.


When it comes to whisking eggs, targeted mixing is the best way to combine the two different textures of an egg white and the yolk. The concentrated design of a milk frother’s stainless steel wand, in comparison to the large and spread out design of a whisk’s spokes, allows you to quickly combine the eggs and eliminate air bubbles. This creates a very smooth and consistent mixture for cooking on its own or combining with other ingredients for baking.

Minimal Manual Effort.

Beating eggs requires a mixing motion that can be too strenuous for those with limited mobility, during recovery after an injury, or for the little ones helping with breakfast. An electric milk frother eliminates all of that labour so everyone can make fluffy eggs easily.


How To Use A Milk Frother to Beat Eggs

milk frother review

Making eggs with a milk frother is quick and easy.

  1. Crack any number of eggs into a bowl. Careful to remove any shells.
  2. Insert the milk frother wand into the egg mixture before turning it on. This will prevent splatter.
  3. Beat the eggs until they turn a uniform yellow and develop a slight foam. This can take between 1 and 2 minutes depending on how many eggs you’re cooking.

Once your eggs have reached this state, they are ready for cooking. You can use them to make scrambled eggs or as an ingredient in a more complicated dish like a souffle.


Best Milk Frother Features For Beating Eggs

milk frother review

Whether you are using your milk frother as a foam maker to channel your inner barista, to make whipped cream as a hot chocolate or milkshake topper, or as your tool of choice for beating eggs, there are some features that you should prioritise when choosing a milk frother.

Some of the best brands for reliable performance in any situation are PowerLix and Zulay, but there are many others to choose from as well.

Let’s explore what features you should be looking for no matter what brand you prefer.

Electric Power

While manual milk frothers can be effective for making cold foam, the manual effort that would be required to use this plunger system for beating eggs is just not what you’re looking for.

Whether you want a milk frother for an egg beater, drink mixer, or foamer, you should look for models that are electrically powered.

This can look like a USB rechargeable system or a mode that runs on AA batteries.

Just like an electric coffee maker makes your life a lot easier when compared to a french press, an electric milk frother will help you beat eggs like a pro.

Easy-Clean Design

While an easy-clean design is beneficial no matter what substance you’re working with, it is even more important when working with eggs.

You’ll want a durable stainless steel wand that is of high-quality to protect against rusting, and you should look for a silicone or similar non-stick coating on the handle to ensure food cannot accumulate.

These materials will also ensure you can easily clean the milk frother in soapy water if it is not a dishwasher-safe unit.


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