Baby Monitors With WiFi: Are They Safe?

by Monique Labelle

WiFi baby monitors are a great way to keep tabs on your little one when you’re away from home. They’ve got all the bells and whistles that any mother would want for their child, including night lights so they can sleep soundly without waking up worried about dark spaces or monsters hiding in closets! They can be used for feeding time, playing with the lights and more! But, are baby monitors with WiFi safe?

Yes, the same way they are safe as a baby monitor. WiFi is safe because it is completely passive. Unlike radio waves, WiFi does not emit radiation. It simply provides wireless connectivity and allows for you to connect to your home network via your smartphone or tablet.

It’s important that you know what these devices can (and cannot) do before making any purchases. A short analysis of whether WiFi Baby Monitors are actually safe or if sticking with traditional gadgets will work better for parents looking into buying one!

How WiFi Baby Monitor Works

Imagine the peace of mind that comes with being able to check up on your little one from anywhere in any room without having them tied down by cords. A WiFi monitor is one wireless device who connects a baby camera and parent unit using nothing but WiFi connection, so you can stay connected no matter where life takes place! If your internet connection is good and the baby monitor is in the WiFi range, you should be able to use it. To be able to link to the baby monitor, you’ll require a WIFI modem in your house.

With the ability stream live video of their bedtime routine, you can view it from anywhere in any room without having cables mess up what needs concentration at night or morning feeds! There’s also many different types that have smartphone compatibility so there will be no need for installation apps–just download them onto phones right when purchase time comes around. This makes remote viewing possible between family members world wide.

You can use this app without having worry about being out of range because it uses WiFi, which means you don’t have any cords tying up precious sockets or frequencies that could otherwise go towards other things like audio equipment! This unique feature makes watching kids easy as pie. This particular feature makes it simple for you to view your kid straight from your mobile device.

Working on your laptop or personal computer, you can view the video stream directly from where it is. So if say there’s an issue with babysitter and want to check out what they’re doing without getting up; all that is needed are some simple clicks of a button! So the question is, are baby monitors with wifi safe?  Are baby monitors with wifi safe

Are Baby Monitors With WiFi Safe For Your Little One?

WiFi baby monitors are often the target of hackers because they offer a means for accessing your home network. It is important to protect your baby monitor and recorded data from intruders with a high-security password. Most broadband providers give you access, but make sure it’s protected by using passwords! Later I will share few tips to secure your baby monitor, so keep reading. 

WiFi signals are a common source of radiation exposure. However, there hasn’t been enough research on the subject to determine if it’s harmful or not in babies’ developing bodies – meaning they could be risking their health by using these devices during pregnancy! The World Health Organization says that while we don’t know exactly what effects WiFi might have on children’s development yet. In the same line, the World Health Organization stated that there’s no danger from WiFi radiation exposure. 

Tips To Make Sure Your WiFi Baby Monitor Is Safe

You must take the additional time to safeguard your new WiFi baby monitor. Yes, you already do everything you should with your internet connection, but there is more you can do. Make sure your home network is secure by going the extra mile. Here’s a list of simple measures that may help you feel more at ease: 

  • As a parent, you want to make sure that whatever device is being used for monitoring your little one has been tested and found safe. Get a WiFi monitor that has been thoroughly researched and reviewed by experts. We recommend that you check for known security vulnerabilities in the applications supporting your purchase before making it.
  • We all know the importance of keeping our passwords secure. A strong password is one that’s hard for someone else to guess, so make it something they can’t tract out with ease like a combination of letters , numbers symbols or even repetitive strings! Choose a password that is hard to guess, such as a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. Passwords should be difficult to guess so choose something unique and impossible for someone else to find. Make sure you change your password on a regular basis as well!
  • Hackers are always looking for the easiest way into your account and if you have multiple accounts with identical passwords, then they will find it! You should never use this same key or password on more than one device.
  • When you set up your monitor, make sure to go online and register it too. This will keep in contact with the manufacturer’s servers so that they can release any firmware updates for improved functionality or security strengthen! When software updates are released, make sure you install them immediately. You can avoid all this by installing the app before your device gets hacked!
  • Make sure you have a good, strong firewall at home. The WIFI network is your first line of defense against hackers!
  • WPA2 is the best WiFi standard for encryption data. Why? Because previous protocols like WEP are much easier to hack, so you need this more secure type of network in order to protect your personal information! This tip more for tech enthusiast parents but it really helps.
  • When you leave your baby monitor with WiFi on all the time, it becomes more accessible to hackers. So turn off yours and make sure that devices are not left unattended whenever they’re not in use!

WiFi baby monitors have been a popular choice for parents who want to be able watch their children from afar. But is WiFi truly better than audio/video? 

Audio monitors are obviously useful, but it’s even better if you can hear your baby crying and see what the issue is. Video monitors allow you to check on your baby to see if they’re sleeping, crying, fussy, or doing something else. They assist you in being a more hands-on parent. You may keep an eye on your child with your smartphone while using a WiFi baby monitor, which goes one step further. Many of these devices feature built-in microphones, allowing you to talk back to your children. 


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