Are Baby Monitors Necessary? Pros & Cons

by Monique Labelle
baby monitor

Are baby monitors necessary? Some parents believe that a baby video monitor is an expensive and ultimately useless extravagance, and they’re correct. You don’t need a video monitor. There are, however, several compelling arguments why I might want one. For those who are willing to spend a little extra money, the unexpected advantages of one-click baby monitoring may outweigh the expense.

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Pros Of Baby Monitors:

Yes, one could be in a different room when your child is sleeping. You don’t want to wake up and move your kid around because you need to cook or take some time for yourself. You may close the door to your child’s room with child monitoring, and you won’t have to check it every five minutes.

Our 3G Child Monitor, unlike other video monitors on the market, allows you to see your child at the table rather than only hearing him. If he suddenly awakens and begins crying, you may turn it off by speaking or tapping it.

Perfect For Traveling

It’s ideal for traveling since your child is likely to fall asleep before you do. You may dine at a hotel restaurant while maintaining an eye on your youngster at the same time. Baby Monitoring 3G is compatible with LTE/3G, as well as Wi-Fi. The distance between the Baby Station and Parent Station is nameless.

If you don’t keep track of your kid, he or she may be taken back and forth repeatedly, which can cause a change in your child’s sleep pattern. You may contact a parent and your baby with monitoring, so there is no need to interfere with your kid unnecessarily.

Another advantage of these systems is their simplicity nowadays. It isn’t necessary to hire someone to set it up for you anymore. You can accomplish it with the most convenient methods for you.

You won’t have to worry about your kid being lost at night since the crystal clear video and night vision capabilities allow you as a parent to keep an eye on him or her.

It Offers Peace Of Mind

As a parent, you want to be able to sleep soundly, do whatever you want, or go to work without worrying about your child. It’s similar to the monitors: it gives peace of mind.

It’s useful to keep an eye on your Wi-Fi if you want as a parent since you may keep track of your kid wherever he is. You should make sure that you have access to your mobile device at all times.

When caring, this feature may be useful. 3G Child monitoring enables the participation of many parents, allowing both parents (and other family members) to observe their children at the same time.

Monitor Your Kid Without Being At Home

Many video monitors run on WIFI. The ability to watch the video feed from anywhere in the world securely.

This function is helpful to parents who work in various shifts—allowing them to check on their kids when they are away at work.

Take a Relaxing Shower

Taking a shower while your baby naps may be a new experience for you. You must be quick and vigilant at all times. It doesn’t feel right when it should.

The sound of the shower might be overpowering noise from an audio monitor. You may simply look at the screen on a video monitor to determine if your kid is still sleeping.

Yes, you can live without a shower, but it may be the only 5 minutes you have all day to unwind.

Comforting Proof

The main advantage of a video monitor is the capacity to see your baby. One-click allows worried parents to have a sense of security that only comes with hands-on contact. For many people, that sense of security is worth the money alone. Video monitors also help to enhance safety during sleep by enabling more frequent checks-in, especially during the day naps when parents hesitate to enter the nursery for fear of waking the baby sooner than expected.

Check On Your Infant In a Timely Manner

In one click, an anxious parent can be relieved. You may conduct several inspections on your child without leaving your seat. This is a wonderful advantage to a new mother.

Cons Of Baby Monitors:

Engineers and developers focus on each child’s projects to guarantee that they deliver the most dependable monitors, after all, it is a device or application. It can work at a rate of 99.9%; but it’s simply a technology that fails, such as our phone, computer, automobile, and so on.

As a result, you may purchase monitors with technical faults. This is considered to be a negative aspect.

Are Baby Monitors Necessary But Expensive?

Another disadvantage for many people is that baby monitors may be considered to be too costly. However, it is vital to balance your child’s safety with the price of the product.

When parents’ preference for Wi-Fi monitoring changes, one of the drawbacks is that connecting to the Internet can be inconvenient. The link between you and your youngster is instantly erased. Some parents are concerned about this.

A Surveillance Camera Might Be Hacked

Video monitors have been hacked in the past. The majority of video monitors come with a standard password, and some parents neglected to update it. Check the monitor security configuration to reduce the risk of unwanted spectators watching you.

Signal Interception Possible

Because Wi-Fi baby monitors transmit a signal through the air, there are always chances that someone outside your home will pick up the signal. Some parents have expressed concern about the safety of their children due to this, and there was even a recent news story about it.

Final Remarks

While most digital baby monitors are both secure and difficult to hack, they do have flaws. Modern digital baby monitors use encryption on the wireless transmission, making them considerably more secure than those without such protection.

After you’ve decided which sort of baby monitor is best for you, go through our reviews and tutorials to locate a fantastic one. A baby monitor is a wonderful way to feel confident that your child is sleeping well, and it should be in every parent’s house.


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