How to adjust belt tension on riding lawn mower 

by Raymond Archambault

If the belts on your lawnmower are loose, you could either adjust them or hunt for a new one. Tension adjustment of the mower belt might be challenging for the average homeowner.

The solution is as simple as following the steps listed below: 

Tightening the belt is a simple procedure. There’s no need for anything more than a 10mm wrench for this. Rider lawn mowers with a lever to engage/disengage the blades are covered by the instructions in this section.

Stop the mower and do not restart it until and until the belt has been properly tightened. 

Steps to Adjust The Tension Of Riding Mower Belts

1. Inspect the belt:

  1. First and foremost, make sure the belt is in good working order. You’ll see a lengthy wire that connects your steering wheel to the mowing deck. Over time, the cable will become longer and longer.
  • Lower the deck so that it is level with the ground. Disengage the blades by putting the lever back in its original position.
  • Now, check the belt to see if it has any cracks. Make sure there aren’t any large portions missing that might affect its mobility. It’s best to replace the belt if you find any cracks or missing sections.

2. Inspect the swing arm:

The swing arm must be able to turn freely. A metal swing arm has several springs hooked to it. It’s the section that has to be reviewed. To do this, take hold of the part and make sure it can be moved easily back and forth.

  • Spray some lubrication on the pivot point of the swing arm if it isn’t moving smoothly. To release the swing arm, apply lubrication to the connection and spread it out with your fingertips.
  • Once you’ve confirmed that the belt and its swing arm are in good working order, it’s time to make any necessary adjustments to the straps.

3. Engage the blades:

Make sure you push the lever all the way forward to fully engage the blades. The spring and belt should be examined from below the deck. Because both parts are loose, you should tighten the screws.


4. Tighten the belt:

The blades can be disengaged by lowering the lever to idle.

  • The lengthy cable that links your blade lever to the swingarm can be traced by following it. Using a bracket and screws, it is attached to the deck.
  • To remove the bracket, loosen the bolts with a 10mm wrench.
  • As you’re removing the bracket from the spring, pull it in a direction that’s toward your body. It’s time to re-tighten those screws.


5. Verify the belt:

The belt and spring should be double-checked after you engage the lever. Both parts should now be more strongly connected together.


6. Check the mower:

If the blades engage nearly immediately when you push the lever, the mower is ready to go. Belt wear is to blame if it doesn’t make any difference to its movement after adjusting the belt. This means that you should replace it as soon as possible.






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